Herbal Gypsies is a 'wild+free' small-batch skin care line based in Florida. I stand by THE 100% all natural plant based 'hidden treasure' oils, healing essential oils and magical butters that give you and the environment a natural glow.

I AM no less than the trees and the stars--just like nature, our products are down-to-earth simplistic. I AM unconstrained by society and believe less is more. 


MY journey into the creation of Herbal Gypsies began with the influence of TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD.  Gypsy describes MY soul as wild and free-spirited. MY strong desire to use products created from the wild that are free from harsh man made chemicals led ME into really living the life I wAS born to live--a bare yet beautiful plant based lifestyle.

The awakening awareness of our food industry provoked further investigation into MY product and beauty regime. Suffering from severe allergies, AUTO-IMMUNE DISORDERS AND THRISTY SKIN, I tried every product out there, with little to no success. After reading the ingredients in the stuff I wAS slathering all over MY face for years, I wAS appalled. Something had to give here too.

It was time I brought things full circle. If an all-natural, plant-based lifestyle made ME feel good on the inside, the same should make ME look and feel good on the outside…AND ON CAME THE LIGHTBULB.  

So that’s exactly what I did. I gathered nature’s most prized and precious super-beauties and strategically concocted an herbal skincare regime. 


MY goal is to use products created from the wild that are free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives, thickeners, dyes or harsh man made chemicals. I create products that nourish your skin with the healthiest ingredients for visibly radiant results AND HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO DO SO! IT'S HELPED HEAL THE HANDS OF MANY STRESSED WITH DISEASE AND FACES WITH PSORIASES. 

THE ingredients come from local farmers from all over the world, they are whole enough to eat and the combination of the ingredients is simplistic. 






Kelly’s FREE SPIRIT, LOVE FOR TRAVEL AND HERBALISM evokes the Gypsy loving name. YOU'LL find HER gardening in HER herb and vegetable urban garden, making homemade herb concoctions and smudge sticks, cooking healthy meals, SINGING AND DANCING TO HAPPY BEATS AND OF COURSE, TRAVELING THE GLOBE.  KELLY'S love for the world inspires HER to spread the love of what SHE'S found to REALLY free HER soul.