Why We Love The Moringa Tree


It’s no doubt one of our favorites--not just because its rich in antioxidants and vitamins, but thanks to our own gypsy “mamma” we get to source our moringa leaves and soon to be oil from her backyard in Florida. Mamma is in quotes because she’s really only one of our biological mothers, yet I still consider her my other mother by choice.

Our mamma is a part of creating the moringa powder--from picking the leaves, to drying and blending into a fine powder we eventually lather all over our face.

The deep rich green and nutty smelling moringa leaves originally come from the multi-purpose tree of life that is native to parts of Africa and Asia. We feel so lucky to have these edible leaves containing all the essential amino acids needed by the body in our neighboring backyard. These tiny leaves reap enormous benefits simply by having:

  • 7 times the vitamin C of Oranges
  • 4 times the Vitamin A of Carrots
  • 4 times the Calcium of Milk
  • 3 times the Potassium of Bananas
  • 4 times the Protein in Eggs
  • 25 times the Iron in Spinach

We not only eat these leaves (in smoothies, salads, tea, etc.), but add them to our Crystal Ball Clay Cleanser because topically, they naturally do the following:

  • Vitamin A minimizes the appearance of fine lines
  • Vitamin C minimizes the appearance of wrinkles
  • Vitamin E softens and smooth’s skin
  • Coagulant agent allows it to attach itself to hazardous bacteria--detoxifying and cleansing

And those are just the leaves! The luxuriously rare, clear and odorless oil, harvested from the seeds, is also both beneficial internally and externally. Its low levels of production do not make it conductive for every day use as a dietary supplement, but we add it to our Dream Catcher Face Lotion because of it’s skin rejuvenating properties. It delivers vital nutrients, reduces wrinkles and combats face blemishes.

Are you able to see through those rose colored glasses we use to describe this tree? Good thing we can take them off and those benefits will remain the same. I hope you get the gist of why we’re in love with this tree. We encourage all of you reading this to purchase a tree for your own backyard because it grows almost as fast as a bamboo plant, yes, it’s rapid. And we want you to be blessed just like we are.


Lots of love,

Queen Gypsies